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Our Products will

clean these type of




- Asphalt, 
- Beer Berries, 
- Blood, - Butter, 
- Candle Wax, 
- Candy (sugar), 
- Catsup, 
- Chewing Gum, 
- Chocolate, 
- Chalk, 
- Coffee, 
- Cooking Oil, 
- Dirt or Clay, 
- Dyes (Blue, Black, 
- Green, Red), 
- Excrement, 
- Foundation Makeup,
- Fruit Drinks, 
- Fruit Juice, 
- Furniture Polish, 
- Grease Food, 
- Grease Auto, 
- Glue-White,
- Glue-Hobby, 
- Ice Cream, 


- Ink-Ball Point Pen,

- Ink-India Marking Pen,

- Kool-Aid, 
- Lemonade, 
- Lipstick, 
- Mascara, 
- Mayonnaise, 
- Mercurochrome, 
- Merthiolate, 
- Milk, 
- Mixed Drinks, 
- Mud, 
- Mustard, 
- Nail Polish, 
- Paint-Latex, 
- Paint-Oil, 
- Pet Food, 
- Paper Mache, 
- Rust
- Shoe Polish, 
- Soft drinks, 
- Tar, Tea, 
- Urine-Dry, 
- Urine-Fresh, 
- Vomit, 
- Wine-Red, 
- Wine-White


Upholstery is a different monster and while Spotbusters Carpet Service does clean upholstery we are very selective in what we choose to clean. Spotbusters Carpet Service corrects alot of things cleaned by others that were improperly cleaned to begin with. We also have available furniture repairs, mending, cushion re-dos, total reupholstering and some custom built by you design, call us we'll take a look.

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Spotbusters Carpet Services has available the best protectors on the market. They make our job easier, whites stay white, arms of chairs come clean the dog can stay in the house, kids and husbands too! Don't be fooled by Scotchguard. Why? Because it's water based and being water based it will dissipate quickly. The best protectors are petrol and teflon based. These type products work and keep working. Spotbusters Carpet Service recommends treating carpets and area rugs once a year.

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Carpet Repairs
Carpet Repairs

Spotbusters Carpet Services can restretch the wrinkles, buckles and loose carpet that are not only trip hazards but can cause premature wear. We can also repair burns, holes, rips and tears too. Spotbusters Carpet Services can fix, replace thresholds or install new ones.

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Stone, Tile, & Grout
Stone, Tile, & Grout

Spotbusters Carpet Services cleans all hard surface flooring, tile, natural stone, grout, slate and granite. We also have sealers for all types of floors and counter tops. Did you know that granite counter tops should be sealed? Water left on a granite counter top for a few hours will penetrate the stone. The same is true for hard surface flooring and grout. Spills will stain hard surfaces, tiles and grout Spotbusters Carpet Services recommends sealing hard surfaces once a year.

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floor board
floor board

Spotbusters Carpet Service will in one service call take apart your carpet properly, address and fix that squeaky floor (that has been driving you crazy as if the house is coming apart) relay your carpet and be done with it!

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Wall to Wall Cleaning
Wall to Wall Cleaning

Spotbusters Carpet Services uses warm water extraction to deep clean carpets. We do NOT dry clean. Dry clean leaves chemicals in the carpet causing spots to come back but companies doing this process can get in take your money and get out fast only cleaning the top 1/8th inch if surface. We use pre-sprays & spot clean then use a clear clean warm water rinse to flush out cleaner with no chemicals left behind. This method is more time consuming but carpets stay cleaner longer.

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Emergency Water Damage
Emergency Water Damage

24hr Emergency Water Damage. Mold will start to grow in approximately 48 hours if structure is allowed to stay wet. Spotbusters Carpet Services approach to water damage is to remove standing water, wet carpets, padding, furniture and personal items from effected areas asap! Spotbusters Carpet Service then concentrates on getting structure and contents dry before mold is allowed to grow.

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Area Rugs
Area Rugs

Spotbusters Carpet Services provides pick up & delivery for cleaning & repairs of your areas rugs. We clean oriental, dhurrie and custom made area rugs such as Edwards Field, Charles Sharp and Skjolsvick the best of the best. Special attention to cleaning of fringe on oriental rugs as well to the rugs themselves is given in our warehouse on all rugs we service. Hand made repairs, restitching, weaving and restoring for fine rugs are services we also provide.

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Color Repair
Color Repair

Spotbusters Carpet Service is one of the only if not the only Prism Certified Carpet Colorist in the state of Texas. Bleach spots and colorloss can be recolored to match and make look new again. Our color repair service is a hit with many janitorial and maid service companies that have accidentally taken the color out of their customers carpets and rugs. We also provide this service to many finer hotels in the DFW area and have been called up nationally to performance this service.

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