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Maintain a Beautiful Carpet in 7 Steps:

1.) Vacuum regularly to avoid dirt setting into carpet and be sure to use a vac that's appropriate for your carpet type and texture.

2.) Get a professional cleaning at the very least once a year to avoid high traffic areas getting worn down.

3.) Carefully snip snags of carpet poking out, never pull the fiber.

4.) Stroke a heavy furniture indention with a clean coin or leave a piece of ice on indention overnight and a hair dryer if necessary.

5.) If you have a small carpet burn slanted finger nail clippers may help clip the tips, if it's a serious burn spot - we can do a spot replace.

6.) Never attempt to soap up a spot, leftover soap will cause more dirt to collect in the spot you are trying to clean.

7.) When you have serious water damage consult us for a dryout and avoid rot of floorboards and hazardous mold.

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