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How to Spot a Quality Rug

You are on a hunt for a new rug (or maybe a beautiful antique) - but how do you know whats worth the price tag? Quality rugs last decades when properly cleaned and serviced; however low quality rugs can quickly fall apart and be a waste of money. You DO NOT want a shedding, color fading, stinky rug do you? So how do you know what is a QUALITY RUG?

Is the fringe added on for "look" or is it a natural fringe properly secured? Typically the dreaded "hand loomed" rugs, from dealers in states and abroad, are poor quality with fringe added onto the edges and possibly secured with glue. You want "hand knotted rugs" with sturdy edges and fringe.

If you can stretch out rows and columns it's a loom rug that will likely begin to wrinkle!

A quality flat weave rug can be rolled from any direction. STAY AWAY from loomed rugs - they typically have a heavy foundation thread that prevents it from rolling in a direction length or width.

Grip the center of the rug - if you can see the foundation threading or "V" tufts - its a poor quality loom rug.

These hand loom rugs may look nice at first, but within a month of foot traffic you will start to see it lose quality.

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(Resource: Cleanfax)

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